Too much communication.

At this point, I'm running the following, on a regular basis:

4 Gmail Accounts (2 personal, 1 blog, 1 storage/misc.)

1 Yahoo Account (actually, the account ends in @rocketmail - a service that used to exist in the mid-90's for free web-mail, way back before Yahoo came and bought up everyone - I still log into yahoo mail as my username (powderkeg) plus a ".rm" tag to see the email)

1 Accenture Account (via Outlook, as much as I hate to say it, my best non-Google email interface)

1 Client Account (Royal Caribbean - Lotus Notes...please kill me now)

Instant Messenger:

2 AIM Accounts (1 personal, 1 work - both evidence to the only reason that AOL company is still in business)

1 MSN account (same as my powderkeg at rocketmail dot com email address)
1 Gmail account

1 Gmail Account (yes, only one, although I have 4...ok at least 6...Gmail accounts)

The lot of them are managed through Gaim when I have a dedicated internet connection, and through blasted Trillian, when I'm at a client site. Some day I'll figure out whatever evil code they wrote to make it work at most clients, and kill it, and re-write it for the better.

Anyway, that's the load of details / communications I have to deal with on solely an email/IM basis at this point, not to mention other new ubiquitous internet connection...things...as they may exist at this point...

So here we are...(no links on PURPOSE in this post)

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