Monday back in Miami. The long day, again. But...its almost over.

Friday was a delayed flight back to NYC, then straight to a ride up to Lake Champion, where the kids already were. Work crew all weekend, back in time for the evening service in Hoboken, a little laundry, a little packing, and then the 9pm appointment I have been waiting a very long time for.

Uncle Junior shot Tony. That's not exactly the moment I was waiting for, but boy, did they open with a bang. Hah. Punny.

I really hate how this project is killing my blog. There's really not much I can do about it unless I find some time during the day to put something together. And, seeing as I can't really find time to eat during the day...well....

A few hours and I'm back on the beach for a run / swim. We'll see about tomorrow...I had a very interesting experience this weekend that made me...well...

It... challenged me.

Worship was good this weekend.

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