Missed a Friday post after a long day - work, then a quick look at some potential corporate apartments with a realtor in South Beach (heretofore known here as SoBe, fyi), and then straight to the airport. Flight was on-time for a change, which meant I made it back in time to sit in rush-hour traffic headed into the city.

Which made me late for the first playoff game for the Mustard Seed School Rebels. It was a good game, we came back in the 3rd to within 2 points, but even the return of the long-absent assistant coach Knowles, they just didn't have the energy to beat a bigger, faster, yet decidedly more poorly coached team. So, they're out, in the first round. But that didn't take away from the fact that they had a record-breaking season. After opening up in an 0-3 slump, they put together a 7 game win streak, even beating the only undefeated team in the league, towards the end, to enter the playoffs as the #2 seed. Next year should be an exciting one for them.

Today is watching copious amounts of March Madness, laundry, cleaning the room, packing, and perhaps grabbing a beer this eve with the Daves. Tomorrow is church, youth group, then an evening flight back to Florida.

More links, just to get the tabs cleared off my browser, finally:

This article in the Times from a couple years back is one I always recommend to friends headed to Napa, as some of my friends are this week.

Top 100 overlooked films of the 90's - how Ghostdog, Way of the Samurai, beat out The Zero Effect (at spot 19 - one of my all time favorite films), is beyond me.

A FF extension to use Gmail as an online file storage system.

Visual news - kinda neat.

Fascinating article on fighting DDoS.

Searchscapes Manhattan.

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