Mondays are long when you work out of town. You wake up at 4:30ish, catch a car to a plane to another car. Then you're in the office for a full day, and you work late to make up for the morning hours you missed. Next thing you know your checking into a hotel and unpacking and running out for a quick bite to eat, if you're lucky, or calling room service, if you're not.

But its not so bad when your hotel is on the beach.

Granted I won't get to enjoy much more of it than my morning run, but hey - at least my morning run will be happening, for a change.

Hope to get daily posts up this week, but again, we're beholding to the almighty work schedule. Which made us miss BOTH the Kings vs. Nets game back home and John Stott speaking to our monthly church leaders meeting. So...that sucks.

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