A day off

Its Saturday and I am *not* in the office. Yeah. Why? 2 reasons: first, I worked my tail off this week and I got a lot done. Secondly, I don't care if people want to focus on what's outstanding, I got a lot done.

I woke up after 10 today. That was an accomplishment. I didn't get in bed until 4 this morning, but hey, sleep is sleep, I'll take it. First time I hit the double-digit hours that I can remember in a good long time.

Worked way past the 2pm early-summer-Fridays yesterday then headed for the gym, where I haven't been nearly as much as I should have been, lately. Mindi called on my way home from there, wanted to know if I could babysit Titus while she took Cregan to see I, Robot. That basically involved showing up at 9:30, eating all of their leftover pizza, and watching movies/Olympics until they got back at close to 1 in the morning (it was a 10:30 show). Then I came back here and watched more Olympics until I could finally sleep. I love the fact that they're on all night.

That's all for now. Just felt the need to get a weekend post out there, instead of always referring to them from the future or past. Should be putting some updated links and whatnot up, soon. Apologies for the lack of interesting blog-fodder as of late. We will get back on track. In the meantime, we placate you with...pictures!

Click on the pic to see the whole album. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this whole picture/posting/linking deal, but as previously mentioned, imagestation and I are on the outs. I want a less cumbersome photo-hoster, so be on the lookout for that in the near future. These are pics from the hike (ok, it was more like a long walk) we took as an afternoon break to our planning retreat last weekend. Also some from the car, and some fireworks pix from my deck on Sunday evening. I especially like the one of the ESB juxtaposed against the burst on the far end of the frame. I was using the deck's handrail as a makeshift tripod, and I've concluded that getting good quality pictures of fireworks at night requires the shot to be taken while no human hands are actually in contact with the camera.


Wild Banshee said...

Thanks for linking my blog. The address is actually: www.bansheeblog.blogspot.com.

Referencing each other's blogs has turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, huh?

David said...

ha...we'll get it right, sooner or later.