Open Water

Decent flick.

The girl bore a stark resemblance to Charlize Theron, which I liked, of course. The guy was pretty unique. They both did a pretty good job of bringing you into the story, making you feel like you were there, experiencing the terror. The suave movie-making bits helped the acting, as well.

Synopsis: Young, successful, slightly arrogant hipster couple squeezes a tropical vacation into their busy lives and after a day or two they go out for a scuba-dive. Extremely arrogant man on boat causes a miscount on behalf of the returning divers. By the time hipsters resurface, boat gone. Other boats still in vicinity, but debateably too far to swim (I would have told her to ditch the pack and start haulin for the nearest boat, heck they had huge fins on). You spend day/night at sea with them. Lots of shark tension. I won't tell you how it ends.

I didn't like the scene that basically epitomized the term "gratuitous nudity." Also didn't like the lack of character development - I think the story could have gotten a little deeper (pun intended) before they hit the water. But for the budget this film was built on, its a pretty solid piece.

Like The Village, the way it plays out will lend it to be one of those movies that some people really do not like.

I did, though.

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