Halfway to 100

Whitetail for a solid round with Cregan, Pastor T, and Iain. I shot par on two holes, played ok. I'm still new to the game so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself. Then on to Don Pablo's for beers and food and debate on how Christianity should factor in to politics. I later went and dug up this which was originally this (I wasn't aware it had been updated).

Saturday was working on the upcoming lessons for high school youth group this fall. We open the first 4 lessons on the nature of the Trinity with special regard to the Holy Spirit. I hope I'm at least a moderately adequate communicator. At 2, J-lo showed up and we went over strategy for the year, then we went to C&M's for a BBQ in their simply glorious backyard with some of the other leaders (as many as could show up). Later that night Phil and I soundly defeated J-lo and Kathy in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Today was ushering with the kids, then out to Dallas BBQ (just realized that makes it a double BBQ weekend for me) with the upcoming freshman. Hung out with the leaders on the UES for coffee and a basically chill afternoon. Back to the boke for evening service and some No. 1, which sits pleasantly on my desk, waiting to be devoured, which I shall presently accomplish, Lord willing.

Have a few episodes left in BOB, then a review. Want to see Hero this week.

The Olympics closing ceremony is on shortly. The games went off without a hitch. God is good.

Its the first ever RNC in NYC this week. Should be fairly crazy. Never got a call back from the media center on my volunteer position. Kinda ticked about that, but oh well. I'm sure I'll be busy enough.

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