Big, big sigh.

Just walked out of my pre-season presentation to my SVP on my business. I put in late nights for 3 straight weeks for that stupid hour. And I knew what was going to happen. I was going to walk in, get totally blindsided, and be summarily eviscerated. And I did. Got blindsided by a top-line number of all things, one that wasn't the truth, but certainly wasn't my fault so I wasn't going to admit to it. The evisceration wasn't too extensive, thank God. Pancreas and spleen, maybe part of the liver.

The really fun part was that she came up with all kinds of new work for me to do in preparation for the next meeting. Like I have time for that on top of all the crap I have to do with no assistant in the first damn place. Hmm. I've cut out the gym altogether, and really any personal life at all, so I guess the next to go is my precious little sleep, then eating, but not necessarily in that order. And I'm saying this and its still frickin summer. I swore I wouldn't spend another holiday season in retail. I need to get on the ball.

What I need is $50,000. Not a billion, not a million, not even a 100K. I want $50,000. All my debt, poof, gone. Me, poof, gone. Hello Colorado. Hello truck and dog and 100+ days on the hill. I wouldn't sell my soul to the devil but there's not much else I wouldn't do for my freedom right now.

Cease rant.

Can I remember the weekend? (strain)

Friday I went home to change and then headed straight back to Penn Station, theoretically to meet Brec and friend for a drink on their way to RNC training. Paths didn't cross, so I headed over to Redeemer's offices to meet up with the youth leaders and the "consultant" we had in town to join us for our annual planning retreat. Hop in cars and drive thru rain to northern CT. Nice, riverside resort. Friday night - planning and team-building stuff. Saturday, also planning and team building stuff. Pause in late afternoon for a hike up a waterfall, then return to PATBS. Which we did late into the night and Sunday morning as well. Lots of grounding on the Word and prayer, which was cool. Kevin, the youth pastor of a large church down south, who's materials we've been utilizing, had a lot of awesome insight and encouragement for us. Sunday afternoon, hop in cars and head on home. Caught the 2nd half of evening service and went home to catch up on my Olympics. Man they go late. Hard to pull away from.

Monday was work and then my own RNC training session, Tuesday was work and then fleshing out all of our material from the weekend with Cregan, Kathy, and Paul at the Redeemer offices, and today is leave at a decent hour and go to the frickin gym already, just because I hate it here.

This weekend I can't think of anything that I'm up to, but I'm sure I've committed to 20 things and will have to cancel them all to come to work on Saturday. I think Brec may be in town again, with a friend. George is away in the Azores or somewhere like that for 2 weeks for a buddy's wedding. Speak of the devil, his company sent me the ol' we'll-keep-you-on-file letter. 2nd one of those I've ever gotten in my life. There are now 2 corporations on my list of companies I will destroy through vicious political maneuvering when I become president.

Basically I've lost any time to surf so I'm not up on news or issues or other online stuff of interest, so not much to link to. Although I have one link that's particularly useful for girls during those long days in the city. Guys, I've found, can use basically anything, at least most of the time. Examples would include trees, trash cans, pedestrians, buildings, sidewalks, subway tracks (beware the wrong rail), taxis, etc.. Haven't decided if I like this site yet, basically its media gossip with a touch of snarky humor, I like the second part of the description, at least. I do think I like this one, though I haven't spent much time there yet. Started on their guide to men's fashion and it was pretty good stuff. Some questionable stuff, looks like a liberal lean, but I've found some good material here and there. Also, good notes on how to do the metro card thing, found here. I'll try to make the next bunch links a little less NYC specific.

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