That's the "ahh" I've been needing in response to the "SIGH" from last week. My weekend: restful. I accomplished exactly what I hoped to: nothing. Saturday was video games and Olympics, then a solid hour and a half in the gym, talk to the folks and pick up some Number One Fine Chinese Cuisine on the way home, where I proceeded to play more video games and watch more Olympics, also finished episode 3 of BOB. I'm going to wait until I've finished the series, but so far its one of the 2 best TV series I've seen, ever (up there with Tony S.). Sunday was my 3rd and last sleep-in Sunday for the year. You just need a break from the trek into the city sometimes. Worshipped St. Mattress and just barely cleared double digit hours, again, thank you very much. Olympics, folding laundry, video games. Evening service, then Ted and Jo's for drinks and dinner with about 15 or so of the folks from church. Sat outside which is always nice. Got my food to-go b/c I had a couple cold Sierra Nevadas so I knew I'd be full for a while.

So, its Sunday night, I'm not tired, and I've got a warm bacon-cheddar burger staring me in the face. I feel rested and ready for the week. God is good.

I'm looking forward to the trip home in late September. I'm due for a vacation, and I plan to call this one my Sierra Nevada trip. For two reasons - I hope to visit the factory with my Dad for beers and dinner, and I also hope to take a multi day road trip thru the Sierra Nevadas (perhaps with Dad, maybe even a bro). Start with Nevada City (to see the grandparents), then on to Tahoe (my first love), shoot down thru the Nevada desert (hopefully at night so I can catch the aurora borealis) to the back entrance to Yosemite. Spend a day or so there then back up the hills and valleys to Sacto. Lots of pictures. Lots. Its pretty ambitious so I'm hoping I can pull it off.

Right now I'm just going to focus on this burger and episode 4.

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