Gloria (in excelsis Deo)

BAH. So busy at work I don't know if I just found a rope or lost my horse. But its only work. ITS ONLY WORK. Left just before they turned the lights off (again) tonight, and headed back to the safety of the 'boke and its many libations establishments. As I'm hopping off the bus, the sky breaks and heavy rain ensues. Young lady in front of me has no umbrella. I have my Cadillac of umbrellas and offer to share. Turns out her roommate is a somebody in the HR department at my company. Connection, boom (thunder, also lightning).

Played my first 18 holes in Canada, and posted a 4-under-par. Golden Tee, that is. George and I had a good time at an empty bar near his place. I needed that (instead of the gym) to end my night. Gym tomorrow and Friday, never fear.

So, I'm walking home in the abetting rain, and I hear sneaker-squeak coming out the open doorway to the gym at the local HS. The summer league is having one of their finals games. Watch the end of a nail-biter with some incredible last-second action. Cool night, right?

Rejoice, walk home, check mail... . . . ?

(slam mailbox door shut)

Can it be?

Is it?

No, certainly not.

But...perhaps. It is August, isn't it?

Yes, perhaps it is.

Shall we take a peek???

Only a peek...

(peer anxiously into mailbox)

(light shines, angels sing, much rejoicing)

Summer is ending.

UPDATE: Yes, the cover is a real photo. Ladders and buckets of water, that's how.

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