RNC Update

So far, it looks like everyone is still alive. The streets are kinda eerie because all the sidewalks are cordoned off. This morning, they were only letting people walk down 34th street that had a work ID, that was kinda weird. Also, there are more cops than there are civilians. Tonight I'm going to some lecture thing for college republican leaders or something at some bar on west 39th. Brec got us in for that. Read: young, impressionable conservative girls.

Brec's co-worker Cisco will be staying with me this week thru Thursday. We'll be going to the young repub RNC thing around lunchtime on Wednesday, in the garden, which should be cool. And on Thursday we're going to watch the acceptance speech at some joint downtown. I don't really care if I don't end up volunteering that much, but its kinda weird that they made me go to all those meetings for nothing.

I can see the top of the garden from the windows in my elevator lobby, and they have set up 4 of those little pavilion awnings on the roof at the corners (so to speak) so the hawk-eyed cops up there can have some shade.

That is all.

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