Watery weekend

Good stuff. Friday we took off at the standard 2pm from work and waited in line for a bus that didn't come. Finally got to the marina in Hoboken in time for a truly evil, sinister, dark, fear-mongering cloud to roll over. It threw a few drops at us, as if to threaten, then rolled on over and across the island, with nothing backing it up. Cue a marvelous afternoon under the sails for Brec, Tony, George, and I. Tacked downwind towards the bay, took a putt through the JC marina, then out towards Ellis island, a flirt with Brooklyn and Governors' Island (yah, girly man), and back against wind to our launching point. It was *nice* to get out.

A good beginning. Fabulous dining at Grace's place (also, quite *nice*), then off to the theater, sans George, to see The Village (see 2 posts below).

Got to bed around 3 or so, then up again at 6:15 to pick up Brec from Grace's place and deposit her at Newark Penn Station, where apparently the street cops have an admirable sense of duty, especially against young white people early on Saturday mornings. Got some stuff done in the morning, then Jason and I headed to Sussex County for an afternoon at a friend's parent's place (cheers, Eric). Beautiful pad, right on the lake, beautiful weather, much speedboating, tubing, wakeboarding,

and consumption of fine grilled goods. Tres relaxing. Back to the 'boken for a live band / dancing put on by Redeemer down in Sinatra Park on the water. Beautiful evening, don't know if there's a more incredible background to dance to, outdoors, to live music, anywhere. Ever.

Today was laundry and relaxing the brain. A youth leader's scheduling meeting before evening service on the East Side, to prepare for our upcoming annual planning retreat, just before we kick off the fall with the kids. Taking the summer off is key. We went to the evening service, then C, M, & T gave me a ride back home. Guitar on the deck and a phone call to mom. A little cleanup and then we're starting our Band of Brothers viewing. I went on a "series" kick with my Netflix queue. BOB, then Playmakers (the ESPN series), then Sportsnight, and then an old NBC bit that was kind of a sleeper - Freaks and Geeks. I'm really looking forward to BOB.

Going to update my review of The Village. Now that I've thought it through, I'm rather pleased. Also going to do a write up on the importance of our Constitutional rights as laid out under the 2nd amendment. Got into a rather heated argument with the roomie over whether certain types of arms should be prohibited to the public, and I know my position is correct, I just want to be able to state it more clearly.

I continue to see, in my life, very little that would warrant any complaining at all. Perhaps this explains my sometimes blase approach to finding a career I truly love. We are still working on this however.

Also, a shout-out to my boys for their mad-skills against Texas, in Texas. Back on top, baby. I smell pennant. ANNNNNND, roomie hooked up PK and I with tix to Tuesday's game when the boys run in to the Bronx to give the bombers a thrashin.

UPDATE: ANNNNNND Cregan just called and hooked up George, PK, and I with tix to Wednesday's game, so its two nights of hot-dog euphoria and home-run derby in a row for moi. Life is good.

See updates to listenings and viewings. Still need to figure out how we're going to manage that.

Happy August.

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