Some of the songs that the mp3 player pulled up yesterday, in its usual witty and sarcastic fashion:

Here I Go Again on My Own - White Snake (first song of the day. no joke.)

Love is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse

Forever Blue - Chris Isaak

Decembers of Love - Imogen Heap

Lose You - Pete Yorn

Nothing Lasts Forever - Maroon 5

By Myself - Linkin Park

Yours and Mine - Fountains of Wayne

California Love - Tu Pac feat. Dr. Dre

Go Your Own Way - The Cranberries (cover)

You Still Love Me - Mindy Smith

Where'd You Go - Fort Miner

Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

Somebody's Baby - Phantom Planet (cover)

And of course...

Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam (God might sometimes have a mean sense of humor, but He's always good.)

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gwyneth said...

the fact that you know and like mindy smith increases you in my estimation.

i did not listen to any music yesterday. if i had, it would have surely been snow patrol, and i would have been a blubbering mess. ew.