A clarification on pictures.

I like to post at least one visual to accompany most of my posts here, as you may have noticed. It recently came to light that some people might be uncertain as to the author of these photos, so, for clarity's sake: most of the pictures I use with my posts are not my own. The majority of the time, I like to look for a picture related to the theme or topic that I'm writing about. Sometimes these are a little more obscure, kind of gives you a game to guess at how I made the connection in my mind. Sometimes there is no legitimate connection - sometimes its just a cool picture I've stumbled across recently that I wanted to put on my blog. Like this one, for instance.

Where I am posting my own pictures, lately, is on my retro-blogging posts - pictures I've taken on my photo-essaic journey through life lately. I may have posted a few of my own pictures here-and-there outside of said posts, but that's probably more the exception than the rule. If you're ever in doubt, there's always the comments field, to inquire. I certainly don't want to be seen as taking credit for work that isn't mine. And, lastly, as this is a personal blog, not for profit, etc., I haven't seen any issue with tossing up anything that I come across that is freely available on the web. If I'm using a picture of yours, and you'd like it taken down, I of course will gladly comply, but hopefully most people simply take it as a compliment that I'm a fan of their work.


It looks as if the Mozambique trip kicked my writing momentum in the teeth, just a little bit. I'd like to say I'm going to settle down and get back to normal, but here's my travel schedule for the next month or so:

Now til March 3: RSA
March 3-8: Zambia
March 9-12: RSA
March 13-14: San Francisco (via London, ugh)
March 15: Sacramento
March 16-22: Los Angeles
March 23-28: RSA / Namibia / Botswana / possibly Swaziland (my mini-southern-Africa-tour)
March 29-April 5: Mauritius (I've decided this is the answer to the where-should-I-go-on-vacation-game we played a while back)
April 6-19: RSA

There's still the possibility that the Uganda thing will sort out for late March. And then come 4/19 I've got a flight back to SF, but life after that is pretty much up in the air. Theoretically I'll be getting an apartment with Dave in Manhattan come May, but who knows where I'll be working at that point. I'm trying to stay under the radar in the states and am juggling a few other options elsewhere.

Mauritius should be some good down-time to catch up on all the reading / writing / etc. I haven't had time for of late, but no promises between now and then. This week, however, I'm shooting for:

- Retro-blogging the first trip to Kruger and the first trip to Zambia (I should really get to that before I'm there again, already)

- Story time: the best worst day of my life (in college, surprise)

- Reading update / book wish-list update

- Bonus-post-that-is-unlikely-to-actually-happen: links of late (haven't done one of these in ages)


gwyneth said...

if someone used one of my photos...that was "freely available online" (debatable...everything on flickr, for instance, is copyrighted unless it specifically designates a creative commons license), i'd be fine/flattered/whatever so long as they said "this photo is by gwyn...she is totally awesome in pretty much every way. you can see her stuff here ____________" (non-pros/people who don't pay their rent by releasing the shutter might not mind so much...)

so...if you know who took it, you should attribute it to that person. just a courtesy...some would further debate your right to use others' photos at all, but...whatever.

David said...

If I ever use a photo by gwyn, it will have exactly such a shout-out.

99% of the stuff I use that isn't mine, however, is via google, and largely unattributable.

Dawn (Alba) said...

nice picture, even if you didn't personally take it.

Nic said...

Mauritius (I've decided this is the answer to the where-should-I-go-on-vacation-game we played a while back)

I was going to recommend Thailand or Malaysia but never got around to it. Malaysia in particular is a highly underrated country. (Or you know, there's always Australia... lots of adventures to be had here! ;) )

As for Mauritius, if you're looking for down-time, that's the place to get it. A friend of mine went there recently and said he was bored after 3 days and the place seemed to be absolutely full of couples. He sent me a postcard of some spectacular waterfalls though! So if you enjoy hiking, it's the place to go.