Disappeared for a bit there. Rents got back from Cape Town on Wednesday night, and after picking them at the airport (they leave the "up" out of "picking up" here), we had dinner in Pta and then the next morning we were off for Kruger bright and early.

I had my regular run in with the local fuzz and did the normal "Oh the police station is really far and I might be able to help you out some other way"-type-bribe thing and we were back on our merry way. Got to Kruger and had INCREDIBLE sightings on the way in - all the normal stuff (Zeb, Gir, Gnu, Kudu, Impala, Buff, even a Hippo) but the real star of the drive in was A BABY LION CUB ALL BY HIS LONESOME. Pictures are all on my parents cam so you'll just haveta wait for those. Serious awesomeness.

Had an evening drive Thurs, morning and long afternoon / evening drive Fri (where we saw something I've NEVER seen which I will save for the retro-blog when I get to it), and a super-early morning drive on Saturday before we showered up and left for JNB, where they caught their flight home. Good times.

Today was the normal. Whatever that is. Tried a new church on a whim. Didn't really work out. Oh and I blew my own mind with what I was able to draw in 2 dedicated hours or so.

Drawing always tells me something about where I'm at. Its usually "I have no idea where I am at." Which is pretty much spot on at the moment.

Up this week:

- today's drawing, once I finish shadowing it and get it scanned
- story-time: the memory-loss concussion
- thoughts on questions (it'll make more sense when I write it)
- retro-blogging: Nairobi and Masai Mara
- an update on future plans and how I have no idea where things are going (maybe)
- who knows, I'll be impressed if I even get to 3 of the last 5

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