First blog from Mozambique. I think this makes country #8 or something like that over here.


Like 31c, and there's more H2O in the air than there is O. Seriously, the humidity here puts Miami to shame.

Saw the Indian Ocean for my first time this morning on my morning run. So, technically, I've seen them all now. It looked wet, and right now the plan is to see it for a week straight come early April, when I'm hoping to head to Mauritius. Also, I was the only white person I saw during my entire morning run, which was interesting. Not as interesting as the truck full of cops in riot gear with AK's, but interesting in its own right.

Maputo's the capital city and its incredibly run-down, the better neighborhoods feel border-line ghetto, at best. The lesser, well - there's nothing in the first world to really compare those to, but that's not particularly new to me. I had higher expectations, but then I didn't do a lot of research on Moz like I had on other countries, for a number of reasons.

Worked in the WV offices here today but the work day ends mad early here. Off to have world-reknown seafood for dinner, then tomorrow we're flying north to a town called Quelimane, where we'll be with field ops for 3 days. Back here for Fri-Sat, back to ZA Sat night.

Also, think I might have pink eye. I almost went in for another Malaria test Sunday morning b/c I've been feeling like crap since Thursday night, but decided to power through it with lots of fluids, so I'm feeling a bit better, but my freaking eye is killing me. Anyone know if its bad to let PE go untreated a few days? Cause I ain't got a lot of options here. I think I'll go try to look that up.



Anonymous said...

Pink eye is viral. Use hot compresses. Doctors get bullied into antibiotic drops by school nurses, but it really doesn't merit it. Trust me my husband is a family doc.

Rebecca said...

Yes, Val is right... It'll clear up on it's own within a day or two. Just get a hot wet washcloth and lay it over your eyes. BTDT many times.

Tim said...

And wash your hands. A lot.

Hope it clears up, chief.