In the works this week:

- Retro- blogging my first Kruger Park trip as well as my work trip to Zambia.

- More story-time. Haven't decided what yet, but probably something from college. Probably the time we almost derailed the train my senior year.

- Possible but not probable: a story of a rather singularly impactful memory from my childhood. Not really story-time material here, but I've been working on it and trying to figure out how to make it of value in posting.

- A Valentine's day special. For a change.

- What's currently on my reading wish-list.

Today, however, its time to play a game.

This one is called "Where will we send me on an awesome vacation?"

I'll start. I have 2 weeks of vaykay time that, for various reasons, I need to take sometime around end-of-March, beginning-of-April. I was going to climb Kilimanjaro but its too close to the rainy season to risk it, so that's out (sorry Bo, et. al.). Although now I've done all my research for that, so if I stick around ZA long enough, that's still going to happen. Anyway...

I have some rather unique considerations:

- I can go pretty much anywhere on the planet. I'll be starting out in LA and need to end up back in Johannesburg. So, wheter I go east or west from LA, I have pretty much everywhere as options.

- I don't want to spend much money. Not only am I on this pro-bono program for a little while longer, but experiences of late are leading me towards living a significantly less selfish lifestyle once my salary bumps back up anyway. I neither need nor want a multi-thousand-dollar vacation.

- I've never done a real beach / ocean vacation except for the surfing trips in Baja, which kind of don't count. I'm thinking through a few options here: Zanzibar, Morocco, Fiji, and Rio De Janeiro being the front runners right now.

- Climbing in New Zealand is also another front runner.

- There's a chance that some of you non-losers might still come to SA and we can do the Namibia, Botswana, ZA, Swaziland, Mozambique, and maybe Madagascar thing. As you can probably guess from the nature of this post, I'm not banking on that option.

- There's also a chance that none of this will happen because I might end up spending the whole time volunteering with relief work up in Uganda, which is what I'm really hoping pans out.

Your turn. Ready, go.


Nickie said...

Suggested vacation destination: Fiji, especially if you've never done a real beach vacation. There are so many options - diving, swimming, hiking, sailing not to mention warm, blue water and lots of lovely shoreline. You also get to feel a bit isolated - not stranded on a desert island isolated, just "wow, I am loving this island" isolated. (Depending on personality type, this may or may not be a good thing.) On the other hand, while I've never spent more than a week on an island, it may start to seem a little repetitive after you've seen most of the sights and several sunsets.

New Zealand would be beautiful and exciting and quite the adventure. And Uganda, while it may not be as relaxing as Fiji or offer the same type of excitement as NZ, would (probably) be much more rewarding than either of them or both combined.

Whatever you choose to do, it must be such a treat to have the whole world as a possibility...

gwyneth said...

um, new zealand is always a right decision.


full stop.

aunt flo.


but, uganda would be better fo' you.