Have you ever seen The Sandlot(question mark)

(I cant do question marks, or apostrophes, or lots of other useful stuff with this stupid Portuguese keyboard.)

Theres this part in the movie where the one kid, I think his name was Smalls, well, theyre all at the pool admiring the life guard that Smalls lusts after, and finally smalls just flips his lid.


Thats how I feel right now.

We call him Traveler (a word, incidentally, that Ive always wanted to spell with two Ls). Ive tried as hard as I can not to blog about this but the camels back just broke tonight. People have told me that I dont complain very much, and Ive always attributed it to my thats-just-the-way-it-is attitude, and have been tempted to pride myself on said attribute, but tonight I am taking a brief reprieve from that.

Traveler has been the consultant on this project, and my roommate for the past few months. Let me say this - as far as Ive seen hes done top-notch work. Now let me say some other things.

We call him Traveler because thats his code name. Ever seen those secret service movies(question mark) I think the one I have in mind is In The Line of Fire, but Im not sure. Anyway, in all of them, the SS has a code name that they use for the president on their radio calls, and in one of those movies the name is Traveler. Well, I started out calling the cons The President, but then I realized it might be a little obvious, so I went with Traveler. It kind of stuck. We dont really call him that to his face.

President started because hes got that same everything-should-fall-in-my-lap attitude that Ive noticed about a lot of the younger people in the company - its a big Gen Y thing that I wont get into right now, but suffice to say Ive been simply amazed to meet so many people that are so completely ignorant of the world around them, and so self actualized in the midst of said world they dont see.

Today it was when we landed here in Quelemane and we all had to squeeze into a pickup truck (the two guys picking us up, and the 3 of us). It had been a long hot sweaty day of travel to get up here and it wasnt over yet, and here we were dealing with the classic situation where someone was going to have to ride (quotation marks)beach(quotation marks) as we called it in college, except it was a slightly different spelling that some of you might find a bit more uncouth. It means riding crammed in the middle of the back seat.

Well, as we pile in, thats where I find myself. Theres kind of an unspoken rule that people on the sides, the lucky 2 next to the windows, should know well enough to give the beach as much room as possible. The beach should never, under any circumstances, have to point out that they need said extra room, its implicit in the seat position that they have.

Apparently Traveler never got that memo. I had to ask for more room, which of course was there to ask for, but thats not the point. The point is I never should have had to ask.

This is the sum total of my complaint. Theres a long list of stupid stuff over the past few months that I could go into, but I like to pride myself on not complaining about stuff, remember(question mark)


Dawn (Alba) said...

You should have a "?", but if it's the same portuguese keyboard that they use in portugal it is the shift over the button to the right of the"0", or the dash. And it looks like the apostrophe is shift over the "2".

Usually you can just google "portuguese keyboard" and find something, but I just did it and didn't find anything that would actually open.

Hope that helps!

Nickie said...

What was his problem!!? How could he not know the deal? And although I'm 28 yrs old (and I thought completely literate), up until now I thought traveler did have two ls. Is that sad? (That's rhetorical.)

ps. would you be ticked to know I snickered through a majority of this post(question mark) What can I say(dot dot dot) it was the tone I got(period) If this does upset you further, please feel free to add an additional rant (it is your blog after all) - it totally won't be seen as complaining (period)(smiley face)

Anonymous said...

Will pray that there is something that redeems the hot, sweaty, stupid Traveler, in the work you are doing.

Tim said...
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Tim said...

Well my previous comment made less than no sense.

Anyway, I admire your patience. I'd have delivered a few sharp elbows to the ribs/kidneys until the kid moved over.

The Gen Y thing bugs me too, especially at "the firm" where the country club mind set is bad enough as it is.