Get the drawing up. Check.
Concussion story. Check.
Thoughts on questions. Check.
Retro-blog Nairobi and Masai. Check. Check.
Update on future plans.

4 out of 5 is not bad. That's a passing grade right there.

I'm pretty sure this is the most I've been writing in like...years, which is kinda scary. And I'm drawing. And playing stupid amounts of guitar. Its amazing what you can get done when you stop sleeping. I'm even almost back on track with work.

No big plans this weekend. Out in Joburg with some of the peeps last night, was pretty tired but it was worth heading out.

Today I banged out about a 10mi run and then dropped traveler at the office (traveler's my nick-name for the consultant-roommate who will be on the project through the end of the month), and I've spent the rest of the day outside a restaurant / coffee shop near our place, ganking their wireless broadband. I almost never see anyone here doing the same - its almost like its not worth it for them to have it if I'm the only person using it all week.

Anyway, tomorrow morning after church (might try another new one) I think I'm gonna head out to this lion park near Joburg and play with the cubs, then maybe find somewhere to knock off a few chapters of my latest book. Other than that I hope to get the desk all organized and back the laptop up and then defrag the frag out of it, but none of that is actually going to happen. Most likely.

I should have gone to Durbs for the weekend, that's what I should have done. There's a surf comp there and I'm missing it. Guess I'll just have to do that when I get back from Mozambique.

I'm tired and kinda numb and I guess so is my writing at this point.

And there is no update on future plans because I'm still pretty much right where I was a couple of weeks ago.

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