Good sleepin weather

Found this cool little debate word-search. A couple I tried...

Coalition: Bush 2 / Kerry 6

Freedom: Bush 9 / Kerry 2

Anyway, interesting...and courtesy of Matt Law, who has a pretty cool site. Matt resorted to giving out gmail accounts in exchange for comments. I'm still waiting for a bite on the picture offer (see below), but if nothing turns up, perhaps I'll start offering free yahoo accounts.

Also via Matt is a pretty cool idea for your typical New Yorker (read: rides subway, listening to ipod). I still have not succumbed to the cult.

Via myself, a zip-code locater. You may need to click on the image to get it started, then just type a zip-code. Once you tire of that, you can follow the adventures of a plastic dinosaur, here.

I kind of decided to quit doing hat tips to most of the links that I use in my posts, unless I'm posting more than just the link and feel attribution is due, or I happen to want to point out the main site of the referrer, for its quality. I figure I already link to the main ones I like on the sidebar anyway. If that makes any sense.

Its finally getting cold here in New York and to celebrate I'm seeing how long I can go without a coat. I hope it snows soon. I never sleep very much but I'm always able to sleep better when it gets cold. This morning was the first time since last winter I woke up before my alarm, feeling rested.

We've booked our trip to Whistler this Spring and I am PSYCHED ("we've" being a number of the youth leaders and a couple friends of ours). The penny-pinching begins.

Update: Also from Law, check out this site on an awesome opportunity in New York. I now have Saturday plans (before the movies in the evening with the high schoolers). Sorry for the late notice - I wish I had found it earlier so I could have gone on the Govenor's Island tour.

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