Sports Night and a sore throat

Ok so I'm way behind on reviews of movies/netflix/books etc...but here's a short insight on Sports Night.

Its really good.

Also, in the scenes that you can see a TV screen in the background, 90% of the time it is skiing or snowboarding. Apparently, in the script, every Sports Night show cut to a skiing or snowboarding show. Its really weird. Even on a "unseasonably warm day" in "Denver" they cut to a powder skiing scene. Weird.

But cool. Very cool.

Friday night was working on the lesson and cleaning up the place as we had offered our place to a family that used to live in Hoboken and was back for a visit (they were staying here last night). Saturday morning was cleaning up a park on the UWS with the kids, then a lecture by Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ - one of the leading authorities on C.S. Lewis alive today - entitled "C.S. Lewis and the Case for Apologetics." Home to a house full of people who don't live here, where I grabbed some clothes and headed over to C&M's. Worked on the lesson some more, went to Stone Cold and his wife's place for their house-warming party, then back to C&M's to crash on the couch (they were in PA for the weekend). Today was church, HS group, then home for some football. I'm not gonna win the pool this week but I did ok.

In other news, I have a cold, or the flu, or something. George hooked me up with some of his goods, so I should be able to antibiotic it out of the system in no time, but how rough its going to get before the end remains to be seen. Woke up this morning with a scratchy throat that by now has graduated to just plain raw. The High School lesson was a long one, wrapping up our look at the Holy Spirit, so all that talking didn't help.

We had our highest guy attendance to date, which was pretty cool. Looks like we're developing a pretty decent sized regular crowd. The one thing I can't get over is how cool these kids are. I know I was nowhere near that cool at that age. It makes me afraid I'm not nearly as cool now as they will be when they get to my age. Or something like that. New York just makes these kids grow up so fast, maybe that's the explanation.

Boss is back from vacation this week, which is good b/c it will probably be my last week in my current area before I take on my new assignment in swimwear. There, I got that out there, and there it is. Also, I may need a sick day or two. I never actually take them, but I left it all on the field last week when he wasn't here, and if I'm not going to be working for him anymore, why not take a sick day or two. I've taken, to my recollection, 3 sick days in more than 4 years of employment since college.

The down comforter comes out tonight. Welcome, cold.

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