Just real quick...

Browsed up Vineyard, a church in Olympia, which had this post at the top when I was there. Check it out, and hit the main page while you're there. They have a cool bit about a church-organized "oil change for single mothers" - what a great idea! Guys get to do manly car stuff while helping the community. This is truly the Spirit at work in the church. They also have a cool list of what their church believes. Very solid.

Also, ye olde blogger gave me an idea - to ask readers if there's anything they would like to see. I'll post up to three pictures of reasonable requests. My favorite shoes, my desk (as it really is, or cleaned up, your choice), my roommate, church, whatever. Within reason. Smile. Frankly I'll be surprised if this churns up a single comment.

I've got more to blog on but can't think of it at the moment, and I'd rather get on to the next episode of Sports Night. Hopefully I can get the other stuff up in the morning.

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witw said...

My church does that same oil-change type deal, and it is pretty cool. On the first Saturday of the month we host a baby boutique for pregnant moms and while they are in there picking stuff out we change oil and do minor reparis on cars as well. We have a hookup with a local car parts place to give us a deal on the stuff we need. I did it for a little while at the beginning, and it was really nice to help people out that way, but soon we got people to help that actually knew something about cars, so I decided I needed to invest my time elsewhere where I am a little more gifted. Plus it starts at 8 on a Saturday morning!

That timecube site you link to is definitely very eccentric. And oddly fascinating. I kept wanting to stop reading but I couldn't. Now I have my coworkers wasting time on it.

Glad to hear you got in touch with my bud Eric.