2 days off

Well, I got sick. The difference between this time and any other time in the years since college is that I decided to actually stay home and rest. I think this is clear evidence that my new career outlook is better for me in at least a physical sense. Anyway the whole flu-shot epidemic is now moot news for me.

Took yesterday and today to sleep in, have lots of fluids and Zinc and focus on not moving as much as possible. Watched the interminable baseball game last night, at least it looks like it might still be a close series.

Tomorrow I'm back in the office to deal with the plethora of emails and other petty issues that are stacking up. Friday afternoon we leave town with the kids for Young Life camp up at Lake Champion (upstate NY). That's part of the reason that I decided to stay at home and kick this flu in the gut - I'm starting the new position soon (Monday?) and I know the weekend won't be incredibly restful. My weekends just aren't during the school year. In a good way.

Stuff I've been looking at recently:

Apparently there's a lot of places hosting John Stewart's lambasting of the Crossfire morons, but the best I've found (read: easiest to actually get to play) is here.

Wooba is pointing out that Google is already subtly offering IM service, via Hello, an IM service that comes under the auspices of Picasa, a photo-indexing program. Hello is what you already use to upload pictures to your blog, if you're a Blogspot user like I am. Its ok, but a bit cumbersome, especially when I'm writing posts with multiple pictures inserted between paragraphs. The only way I've found to do it is to just go through the tedious process of posting one picture at time to the blog, then going into each post, copying the html for the picture, putting it where I want it in my text post, then deleting all the individual picture posts. Yes, annoying and time consuming. But hopefully the guys at Google will work their magic on Hello as it gets more popular. I think this could be the death of AOLIM, if they do it up right. Also, Picasa isn't currently free, as far as I can tell. They'll have to do something about that as well, if they want people to actually use both products.

Hacking is afraid of the suggestions that Amazon purchase Netflix, as am I.

Remember how fun it is to point out classic movie mistakes to people (like the disappearing answering machine in Swingers or the dude in blue jeans in Gladiator)? Well, now its all here. Via Metafilter.

Two cool NYC photoblogs: Joe's NYC (just found recently) and Subtext (known for a bit). I really like Subtext b/c we seem to have some of the same underground peeves - people who leave their trash on the ground, people with their headphones blaring, and loud talkers...to name a few.

Saw an actual MTA poster for this in the 63rd and Lex station on my way to church on Sunday, they're reviving the Miss Subways competition (they've renamed it Ms. Subways in an oh-so-PC fasion). I had heard something about it previously, and only caught a glimpse of the poster, but apparently its for real. Results haven't been released yet, as far as I can tell.

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