Favorite Debate 2 Quote

"Need some wood?" - President George W. Bush

I didn't catch the start of the debate but I'm listening to it now, watching parts, as I work on the lesson for this Sunday. I have to say the DASH material is really incredible stuff. I'm learning a lot from it, and its giving great direction for leading these lessons.

DASH is a material format we've received from a church down South that's had great success with it. The name itself comes from the idea of a tombstone. Every tombstone has 2 dates, a date of birth and a date of expiration. These dates are separated with a dash. The question is, what do you do with your dash?

Crazy work week, but I made a point to blog all the same. Boss is out of town next week, so I should be able to clean up some stuff before leaving. I've been moved to a buying position in women's swimwear. At first it was presented to me as an option, something I had a say in. That was good, because I had some obvious issues, and until today I thought I had time to think about it. Today they told me I'm going there. Welcome to corporate America.

I've spent a lot of time in prayer and seeking advice about it, and sharing it with my HFG and Men's Accountability group, and I don't foresee a big issue, but I'll be vocal to move out of there if it does arise.

Sheesh. In response, I'm getting back on the horse with The Search this weekend. That's all I can say here about that.

Tomorrow I'm meeting J-lo and perhaps others for a tour of Grand Central Station as part of Open House New York. Then maybe a movie with some of the kids in the afternoon. Sunday is church then our first meeting in the new church offices, which are NICE. Saw them today with Cregan when I went to get the keys from him.

Yanks up 8-1 in the 7th, Boston with a huge win in extra innings. Stupid sport. Can't wait for Sunday. Bring the pain.

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