One Free Invite to EBible

I've got an invite to EBible for whoever wants it. Leave a comment with your email address spelled out, and you can have it. But there's a catch. Since I had to troll for a while to find my invite, I'm going to try to start a chain here. If you accept my invite, you have to promise to check back here and give *your* invite (the one you'll have to give once you accept mine) to the next person in line on my comments, and then they'll give theirs to the next person, and so on, and so forth. Please leave your promissory note with your email address.

So let's work together here, ok people? And if you renig on your promise...well, that's almost like blasphemy, since its a Bible site we're sharing. So just try and sleep with *that* guilt.

Comment away...

(I used the title for a change so that it will be picked up by people surfing blogs for invites - as you'll see, their main page links to a Google blog search for such invites)

(btw...looks like a pretty cool site so far)


Alan said...

I would appreciate an invite to eBible, and would be glad to pass along my invite if you have other requests. Use my web-based email to respond--familyhistory@geocities.com.


David said...

First invite has been sent to Alan. Comment below if you'd like him to send you an invite.

Dawn said...

Just perused their blog--what is eBible? (Is it that much cooler than the Bible Gateway?)

dbpigeon said...

Could I have an invite please? I'm dbpigeon @t gmail d0t c0m (don't want my address to get picked up by a spambot.)