I think I might actually try to get online tonight and throw this post up, if I'm
still as awake when I get home as I am now. Now is a bumpy flight somewhere over the Atlantic. At least I'm in an exit row.

Lots of linkery this week. I browsed a lot. I needed it. Not a lot as in nearly as much as I did in the past, but a lot as in a good deal more than the pretty much zero I've been doing lately. That said...

I think I'm going to give shaving sans shaving cream a shot. I've had to shave without cream simply for lack of not having it before, and it was never that bad.

Echurch, in a similar vein to the Ebible link earlier in the week, seems to be a collection of Web 2.0 ideas/projects that are related to church / Christianity.

Until I read this, I had no idea that anyone actually had been duped by the Nigerian scam artists. Sad.

Satellite tracking is the coolness.

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting piece in Time this week. Don't agree with it en total, but it has some good points.

The Museum of Modern Betas (blog).

Language warning, but every senior exec of every major corporation everywhere should read this. I connected with every single point she made.

Speaking of work, here's the 5 minute flow chart.

Apparently the Avian Flu isn't all its cracked up to be.

How to rip DVDs to small AVI or MPG formatted files.

The inside tip on how to sell on eBay.

Bridge vs. Boat.

More than once I've had the conversation of why I haven't yet bought the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD. To you doubters, I say: Now what's up? Yeeeeah, that's right.

Wikocracy. Sweet idea, will be neat to see where it goes.

Well, I obviously didn't get this post up last Thursday night. I got in pretty late. And, speaking as someone who flies twice a week, I had THE scariest landing I've EVER had. Within a couple hundred feet of the ground the turbulence was still pushing the wings up and down, and the pilot actually had to speed up to land us on a wet runway. Freaky.

Anyway, now I'm headed to bed b/c its another way-before-the-crack-of-dawn start to the work week tomorrow. To placate my poor readership...I give you...





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chigbee said...

Hey thanks for the post on my blog. I've done the no shaving cream before. It's not bad after about a week, but that first time sucks.

Take care