Down to once-a-week posting. This is pitiful. All I ever do anymore is travel and work. And sometimes take a break to whine about it on my blog.

Thursdays - at least as they should be, in a more perfect world - involve getting up earlier than normal to pack up the hotel room that I've scattered myself across during the week. Then its off to the office, bags in car, work all day, leave for the airport after work. Both AA and Continental only have a pre-5pm flight and a post-8pm flight back to Newark from here, which is just plain crap. AA's is 8:47, which doesn't get you in until midnight. And that's when flights are actually on time (which they usually aren't, in my experience). Anyway, that's how Thursdays should be, but they'll probably try to get me to go back to spending Fridays here for the next few weeks, which is pretty much a completely self-defeating idea. The pipe-dream is that I'll get more work done, but since I travel during the day (no way I'm waiting for that freakin after-8 flight on a Friday night), I actually have less dedicated hours in front of a computer screen / on the phone. If I fly Thursday nights, basically on my own personal time (although I'm usually working on the flight) - I can put in a full day on Friday. Which means more OT and don't even get me started on that subject.

So anyway - that gives you a general idea of why I'll probably never be able to post on a Friday again, at least any time soon. So, with that in mind, we bring you Thursday links. A full day early. I think, perhaps, for the first time, ever.

Third Wave is an interesting read - no idea if its true or not. Related: The Artificial Prison of the Human Mind.

World's largest functional Tetris game. Sweet.

Hacking a more tasteful myspace
. (hope to do this myself sometime, but let's be realistic, I'll never have the time)

Google is good, all the time. This week she gives us Gmaps on our mobile phones - free. Has satellite view and directions and quick search for local businesses (ie. pizza, chinese, etc). Tres awesome.

And here's some Google Calendar tips, to boot.

Day of the Beast
is coming. Oooooh...666...scaaaarrrryyyy...

Oh, and speaking of evil things - looks like my company is helping the world take a massive step forward towards the computers taking over and making human batteries out of us all...(I like to think that I'm probably one of the only people in the world that put two and two together on that copper-top line that Switch said to Neo in The Matrix. While still in the theater.)

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83princess said...

I feel like saying "i'm sorry" for how busy you've been. I don't know how long I could do the whole "flying in Thursday night, flying out Sunday" thing.
I pray you get some rest during this time.