I have a blog?

I...have a blog. (best Willy Shatner impression)

*passionately kisses the local planet girl du jour*

Eh. No complaining about ridiculously long work hours and all the travel and being under-appreciated and basically mis-led into a role that isn't what they said it would be. You know all that already. The same old "poor me, I'm getting screwed" mantra that I keep on harping every week. Ugh.

Meanwhile life is good. I'm busy, sure, but I have a job that pays OK and I get the benefits of all the travel - although I'll be honest, frequent flier miles and hotel points aren't what they once were. But I'm eating well and trying to get back to exercising morning and night, roughly 3 days a week.

This past weekend we hit Peter Luger's on Saturday for a birthday lunch for Keller - good times, both the Negrin brothers, BJ, myself, some old roommates of Dave's, and a couple others. Yummy meat. And the burgers there (ground steak) are only 8 bucks, so half of us ordered them to go, for dinner later. Righteous.

Yes, I just used a late-eighties term for "awesome."

After that we retired to younger Negrin's place on Wall Street and played poker on their roof-top deck. I got crap cards all night and, seeing as I usually play on the tight side, was pretty much doomed because no bluff of mine would work. So I lost both games, although the first one I didn't come in last. Ugh.

Sunday was church, youth group, and then dinner in the Cooke's back yard with a single mom and her two sons that have been coming to youth group. These two dudes have presented a unique challenge to me as I try to present in our lessons the gospel idea of God as Father - when they never had one.

Sometimes I feel so inadequate for the tasks I am called to. Thankfully its the inadequate that God is looking to use. I hope I can be useful.


Jennifer said...

William Shatner is HOTT... just kidding!

Cari Brett said...

Peter Luger's is in the top 5 steakjoints in the country-- famous for their slice and diced sirloins. good eats!