Hi there. Haven't seen you in a while.

I've taken up a new initiative at work and I think the same thing would work well on my blog - I'm working on complaining less. It used to be something I strived for in most walks of life, but some manner of discontent has managed to sneak its way into my life as I've been almost solely focused on work. Work. Work.

I don't have much to say about it besides that. There's a lot of it, and right now the situation still...isn't very pretty. And I'm still working hard and doing a good job.

That's about all the positive honesty you're going to get out of me here on this blog, tonight. Smile.

I've found myself drawn back to NYC on the weekends despite the fact that I could very well stay in Miami should I so have the desire. Which I haven't. And my weekends back in the city have been great - old friends, new fun places in the city, just...home. Its my home now. I don't see myself there forever, I never have, but at the same time, I don't see myself leaving anytime in the near future. There's a lot to be done there.

Youth group is great, as is church. As is Hoboken. I suppose if the roommate and his ex-broadway star GF ever decide to get finger-bands, I may look for something in the city. I don't know that I'd like living there as much as I think I'd like saying I did it. Rite of passage, that whole bit. Not a bridge and tunneller for one brief period. It would work splendidly if my little sis would finish nursing school and move here to work, and we could get a place together. I could finally look into buying, and she could live there, since I travel all the time anyway. Perhaps, perhaps.

I keep thinking the real estate bubble there will someday soon make that delightful "pop" sound. Speaking of real estate, dad's doing great now that he's back in the mortgage loan biz, and he and his boss are pitching me on the idea of getting in. Sounds like I could go doorbusters right off the bat, but it might involve a move. Which...just isn't in the picture right now.

School. More school is in the picture. That's what this summer will be about. Work, sure...but more discovery of schools and hopefully some guidance as to what schooling I want to pursue. I think I've blogged on it before, but at this point its narrowed to MBA, MDIV, or a Journalism Masters of some nature or another. I'm thinking creative non-fiction. Which is ironically similar to an MDIV. But I do *not* want to preach. Not called to that.

I love bleu cheese. I love all cheese. But bleu in particular. Something about the swap of the e and the u. Sexy.

That is all. Hopefully FF won't crash and you'll have my surfing pattern for the week laid out before you, sometime before the weekend. If not, I'll see you when I see you again.

Apologies. Its my own mis-prioritization of life that's to blame, nothing else.

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