Sorry for like a whole week off from the blog. Not that I don't have a lot to say, its just...literally no time. Have to leave for the airport in about 6 hours. Oy.

Sports update:

My Sharks: up 3-1 in the series over Nashville and currently leading tonight's game 2-0. They are looking hot, the cup could be within reach this year.

My Kings: down 2-1 in the servies againts San Antonio, but they won their first home game on a buzzer-beater and tonight's game should be even more exciting. Hoping they tie it, but I'll be sleeping.

My A's: Now sitting at 12-12 to lead the AL West (tied with Texas at 12-12, if they don't lose tonight, ahead of Anaheim at 12-13). Solid start to the season, considering...

49ers did alright in the draft (as did the Stillers). Hoping to watch another A's game in May. That is all.

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