Woke up yesterday with that tale-tell scratch in the back of the throat, just below the sinuses - someone's getting sick. Its stayed a head cold, for the most part, so far - clogged sinus and sore throat. Poor timing, too, I was sick last year during the 30 Hour Famine with the youth group, although last time I think it was the full-blown flu, which hopefully this won't metastasize into. Because its going to be a busy weekend, and a busy week to follow.

Tomorrow is helping set up the Famine events, leading a devotional on serving (the whole weekend is centered around the idea), then I need to leave in time to pack for the following week. Saturday night is poker but I won't be out late. Sunday morning is a flight to Chicago with Cregan and the fam, and Amber - another leader, and J-lo will already be out there. Monday and Tuesday will be the Student Ministries / Next Gen Leadership Conference at Willow Creek Church. Wednesday morning I leave for Miami, where I'll be beginning a new project with Royal Caribbean, helping them install and integrate a new reservations system. Until June.

Well, I won't stay there til June. Next week I'll be coming back on Friday, and hopefully the ensuing weeks will only require travel Mon-Thursday. Regardless, the hours will be pretty tough starting out, if not for the entirety of the first phase of the project. Expect blogging to be effected, quite possibly.

I've never been to Florida, so its nice to be getting paid to go for the first time.

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