Here's what I've seen around the net lately...

This dude lost his camera.

Sad, but not completely surprising.

The west coast response to SNL's Narnia rap.

RFID implants...kinda cool, actually.

If you're anything like me, you'll be tempted to waste hours playing the new Dick Cheney shoot-em-up game.

Dude, Washington is like...totally...what was I saying?

Google goodness follows:

- Finding people on Google Earth.

- You can find the current medal count by just googling "olympic medals" - Germany is like totally owning right now.

- Google goodness for reals.

- Perhaps the coolest thing since Google Print is Google Pages (people are calling it Geocities 2).


This is kind of funny. But don't take it too seriously. Seriously.

Videosift is collecting those cool viral videos that are fun to watch, like 8 minutes of urban gymnastics, for instance.

This thing was made entirely in MS Paint. Didn't make me cry, but its pretty cool all the same.

More good stuff from by Faith online.

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