Cheater's post!

I have nothing for Response Wed- nesdays. And its late. And I just got home.

Work, then a work-related dinner, then HFG with Dave, then he drops me off, then he calls me back with 2 very good reasons to head into the city for a couple drinks, so next thing I know its 1:00 on a Wednesday night and I'm just getting home.

And now its AIM convos and booking airfare and buying books and all the other net stuff I couldn't get done during the day thanks to no access from the client site. Still feels weird (but good) calling Macy's 'the client site.'

Have had some interesting situations in which to try to explain my faith to people recently. Not all good, not all bad. But all interesting. Suffice to say, its been forcing me to think about a lot of the base-level stuff that you very often let lie dormant. I'm realizing lately how much of a part of my life it really has become in the last 5 years, it defines me more than most things do.

I feel like I'm really lacking when it comes to my ability to define my beliefs in clear form, and this is one thing that is really pushing Seminary to the top in the current running of MBA vs. Journalism school vs. Seminary (the current seed for top 3 options for where Dave's life is going next - if I haven't mentioned it already).

Also, I've had relative amounts of writing inspiration hitting me at random times lately - mostly in the form of good metaphors, illustrations, and narratives - but I haven't been carrying a notebook with me, and hence - much has been lost. Looking to change that starting tomorrow.

There you go. I've sufficiently turned this into slightly more than a cheater's post. Perhaps.

(Happy February, by the way. 2006 is already 1/12 gone. Have you been making the most of your time?)

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