Fast and furious linkery, I'm only taking a brief break from work to throw a post up. I literally found 90% of these in the 10 minutes of surfing I've found time for this week. Can you say "withdrawal?"

Ignore MS's "Get the Facts" campaign, get the real facts.

You think the government's plan to spider the entire web (including this blog) searching for potential terrorism material is a bad idea? Well, yeah. But I'd argue that this is a worse one. Google's fighting it.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is sending more Chinese people to Chinese prisons.

Maverick's is a big-wave surfing contest back home in Cali that they call literally a day before the actual contest, weather dependent. Here's the photos from this year's contest, just held.

Remember that Hampster Dance page? Well, not long later, someone did it with Jesus. Christians didn't burn down embassies or riot in the streets or threaten people's lives. By the way, here's the Mohammed Dance.

I in no way endorse doing this to find shows that you've missed. So...I've got my Saturday cut out for me.

This, unfortunately, is the best thing I've been able to find online about that fund to take Bill O'Reilly to Darfur. Again, the e-mail is sponsorbill@gmail.com.

Fascinating article from the New Yorker on the science of social services.

This one is important. Darfur is a genocide in progress that we CAN stop.

That's all. Happy Friday.

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