(Holy bovine. Not only did I completely miss a Friday post - my apologies - but I totally forgot to actually publish the Thursday links, written on Thursday evening, no joke. Anyway, here they are now, as a bonus Sunday post, to kind of sort of make up for 2 consecutive days of missed posting. My bad, yo. Big weekend recap coming, tomorrow. Steelers make history. Woot.)

Tonight I came home, chilled for a bit, then specifically turned off the television so I could focus on some quality net-surfing time. Good googly moogly it feels good to be connected again. This lack of a connection at Macy's is KILLING me slowly.

That said, here's what I came up with in the past week, most of it in the past hour. Thanks, MeFi.

Lots of interesting reading tonight. Start with satellite tracking. Then the only successful assassination attempt of a member of Hitler's inner circle. This past week saw the anniversary of the Challenger disaster - one of the first "I remember where I was when it happened" moments of my generation.

Lighten the mood up with some reading over at Chewy's blog (notice the URL - classic).

What else...what else...

Student Loan Justice
needs a better web page and a bigger voice.

Wish I had a HAM radio so I could hear SuitSat (launches tomorrow).

Interesting music style but really incredible guitar skills.

Hear about those congressmen's aides mis-editing Wikipedia to make their boss look better? Good luck, guys.

Also this past week, the end of an era. What God hath wrought. It strikes me how quietly this day has passed into the night, especially on the internet - the great grandchild of the first means of long distance instant communication.

Speaking of the internet, some interesting information on how we're using it, and how much.

Have you seen those fake Subway Service Change posters around NYC?

Responsibility and being an adult caused me to miss out on my opportunity to play the SOTU drinking game. AGAIN.

Proof that people watch too much TV.

Lastly some media for you. First of all, be sitting down and not holding any drinks while watching this PSA.

Secondly, its time to start getting pumped.

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