Missed Friday, but hey...you get anything on Saturday and that's something right there. That's something.

Friday evening and today from 9am-3pm was a pastoral care training seminar at the church offices. Cregan has been wanting the Sr. High leaders to go to this for a while - we have some kids in the ministry going through some pretty difficult stuff, and its been a bit trying for us as we're not always sure what position we're supposed to be taking in certain situations.

Anyway I was sitting in Cregan's office afterwards and saw a magazine on his desk, which had this article in it. Its dead-on. I will say my church is fairly good about addressing issues sexual in nature on a slightly-more-than-average basis, but that's not saying a lot, considering the average is probably between one and zero on a scale to 100. Key quote:
"There’s a lot of emphasis in youth groups on saving sex for marriage,” said Ellen Sweeris, a 24-year-old nurse in San Francisco, Calif., “which I think is great. I largely attribute my unswerving belief that sex is for marriage to the fantastic teaching I received in the church as a teen. However, the teaching and exhortation on this subject sort of dropped off around college. It’s actually a lot harder at this point in my life to be celibate, but I’m not getting the same level of encouragement at church to keep waiting. I have fantastic friends who fulfill this role for me, but it would be nice to have it acknowledged in a more formal setting, other than just a more-or-less silent expectation that we’re not having sex.”


ellen said...

Hey, that's me! Glad you liked my quote. :) Have you read Lauren Winner's book? I thought it was fabulous. Also, I love the C.S. Lewis quote on the bottom of your blog. :)

Grace and Peace,

David said...

Hey Ellen -

I haven't read her book - what's the title?

And how on earth did you stumble across my blog? Googling your own name maybe?