Well, the general theme of this linktricity is quite fitting with the evening I've had - stupid and hilarious. Arthur's with the guys for lots of meat and carbs and liters of beer (I'm back on the wagon with George so no liters for either of us). Ted, Andrew, Tony, Bennet, Jer, George, Joel, Darrin and I - Peter and my roomie couldn't make it. We get together about once a month, roughly, for Arthurs and lots of cruel joking. Hilarity always ensues. Then its tradition to head over to Johnny Rockets for milk shakes and more hilarity, with the added bonus of nickel jukeboxes and dancing waitresses. More hilarity. Then the long walk home, where you are so sickly full that you're trying to hold back on the laughing lest you get ill in the street.

Day in a nutshell (help, I'm stuck in this gigantic shell!) - met Tony, the pastor of the Hoboken church for a late breakfast and catching up. He seems to be doing well. Then Starbucks, where they actually want you to pay for wireless access, then into the city to meet up with one of the senior managers of the retail strategy group at Accenture - basically to glean some networking info. Back to the safety and comfort of Panera, where a few of the same wolves from yesterday were lounging. We'll be at the knowing-nod-of-recognition phase at this rate. Then came the evening festivities. Enough dilly-dallying, here be the links...

"In the American Revolution Vin Diesel swam over the Atlantic ocean to speak before Parliament. They refused to hear the gentle giant, so he fought the lot of them, then made off with the Queen. Their child was Winston Churchill." (refresh at your own risk for more interesting tid bits)

I want this shirt but its so wrong (and I might be a little afraid to wear it).

"...WHEREAS, any members of the House of Representatives or the Senate of the Legislature of the State of Idaho who choose to vote 'Nay' on this concurrent resolution are 'FREAKIN' IDIOTS!' and run the risk of having the 'Worst Day of Their Lives!'" This resolution by the Idaho State Legislature looks to be legit. And totally SWEET!

"[1998 Sep 13] The New York Times web site is defaced by hackers who renamed the site HFG (Hacking For Girlies). The hackers express anger at the arrest and imprisonment of Kevin Mitnick who is the subject of the book 'Takedown' co-authored by a Times reporter. In early November two members of HFG told Forbes magazine that they initiated the attack because they were bored and couldn't agree on a video to watch." Remember a while back when I gave a short history of the internet? This one is a little more detailed.

Strong Bad's lyrical rampage.


I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Well, OK, I except for tonight, I haven't laughed this hard since the last time I was out with the guys. Anyway, I'm not sure if the victims are real or not, but it sure looks and sounds real. And all of them seem to know about the show. I need to find out where this show is on and how I can watch it, because I could watch this kind of stuff all day long. The site I originally found this on had a content warning for the hosting page, but I didn't see anything bad when I was there. Use your own discretion - I didn't bother poking around the hosting site based on the warning.

Did you see one of the most incredible shots ever made in golf at the 16th hole of the Masters this past weekend by Tiger Woods? I didn't. I walked out on the Masters and went to the evening service here in the 'boken. I'm not sure what kind of lesson God was trying to teach me by letting that happen. Anyway, I was googling for the video, and found that this dude has already turned it into the next possible Nike ad. Smart. (update: this guy's bandwidth is probably not going to handle the ridiculous amounts of traffic he's going to get. you can probably find the video elsewhere with a little googling, but since you're too lazy for that, try here - some guy mirrored the WMV file on an unmetered server). Notice the way the ball comes to what appears to be a complete stop. And then, ever so slowly, what rolls into view as the ball decides to drop into the cup? The Nike logo. I bet their marketing department was in uber-super-secret cahoots with NASA and the PGA and probably sold a soul or two to make a ball that would do that.

Don't do this at home (dot com, minus the apostrophe). I'm not going to spoil this by explaining it first, just check it out. Cool site design award of the week goes to the site that follows the video. They also link to Surfline from that site. Surfline has cool cams but you have to pay for everything now. Ever since I was a kid, I've had a habit of calling surflines to check the reports at places that I was wishing I was at. Surflines used to be free, and all you got was the quality local report ("Aloha surfers, the sun is out and the waves are..."). But then the rats figured they could make money off of it. So now I use Surf News Network. They're a little too advertisy but you still get the goods. You'll need the area code. Its 808.

This is what life would be like if you worked at McDonald's.

You know those little ads you have to sit through on some video sites to view the actual clip you want to see? You know the little statements about the ad they have to try to convince you to watch it? I just saw one of those, and the statement was "This will be over faster than your last relationship." I watched the ad. There is no link associated with this comment.

Its been a while since a decent Tetris link, this one should last us a few minutes, at least. I got around 4000 after a coupla tries. Yeah, I'm lame.

And your Google link of the week is the totally cool synthesis of Craigslist and Google Maps. Far out.

David Duchovny has a blog (link is to the first post, so you can figure out what its about). Who doesn't these days? I am so much cooler than him since I started mine like a whole 8 or 9 months before he did. Which makes blogs like Lileks and the sort take a godlike status next to my meager coolness. And then there's people like this gal, who I am skeptical as to whether they are even legit (as there certainly is some stuff out there that is bogus). She looks like she's been blogging since the mid-late 90's, when the internet was really just getting off the ground (I'm talking geocities and alta-vista heyday, people). She also appears to still be in school - maybe college or grad, but still...I found her through googling up one of my sister's old articles on Christians and drinking, which I think was originally on Razormouth a few years back, but Razormouth looks a lot different now than it used to. Anyway, side point. I'm just saying its either fishy, or really cool that she's been blogging that long. I wrote her a note a while back to try and get the story, but got no response. Maybe she'll notice my link, read this post, and give some sort of blistering response to my allegations.

Well, that's no way to end. You need to end a fabulously long list of linky goodness with something a little more exciting. An upper. Something to smile about. Got it...whatever you do, for the love of Pete, do not press the red button.

(I'm out tomorrow night for Philly, but I think I'm gonna head back on Saturday eve instead of staying both nights there. Helping Brec and hubby move into what will soon be "their" place. So this meaty post will have to last you until...whenever.)

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Nikkiana said...

I just noticed that you linked me in this entry questioning my legitimacy.. I guess I'm a couple days slow on the uptake, and I don't remember recieiving an email from you... it easily could have gotten lost in the shuffle, I guess.

But yes, I really have been blogging since the early 90s... November 1997. I do have the archives to prove it, they're in my database even though they're not linked to specifically. I was in middle school when I started blogging, and it wasn't even called blogging then... it was just called journalling.