Hi there.

I know, its been a while.

Its funny, I seem to have lost my drive to write at about the same time that I found all this free time on my hands. Ever since mid-March when I left Macy's, getting anything decent posted has taken on quite a chorish nature. My goal is to change that this week.

Accenture started with a bang at the end of March, a week's orientation, and boom, welcome to fully-chargeable consultant status. So I spent last week sitting at home, getting paid, trying to find a job, with the company that is already paying me. Kind of weird. I'll be doing that this week too.

I figured as I'm supposed to be working on professional development as well, and they don't seem in a great hurry to send me off for some of the mainframe/database systems training I wouldn't mind getting, I'll go full bore at the web-design / code-writing bit. So lots of Frontpage for me, and its time resurrect the Photoshop skills. I really should get Dreamweaver, but I just can't see droppin 4 hunge on a program that I'm not sure is that much better than Frontpage. I'm afraid to do the 30 day trial and find myself needing it by the end.

And what better to use for my first project than the long-awaited, much-anticipated, oft-foretold personal website. Its coming. Little more than zygotic at this point. But its coming.

So, since I was here last, in a nutshell - Thursday was more job searching, and a totally unproductive trip to the mall with George, where I had the most disappointing Orange Julius ever served in the history of the universe. Friday was into the city to hang out with one of the guys from my youth min who's parents are going through a nasty divorce. I guess they all are, but its tough to see him going through this and not be able to offer more help than getting lunch and playing video games. Grace was in town for the weekend so a bunch of us had dinner over at Andrew and Jen's, then watched Napolean Dynamite. Saturday breakfast at Chickie's and some necessaries shopping. Then Al and Steve and a friend came down to the city to hang out with Grace and I. Random city walking and then Steve and I watched the other 3 eat sushi. Came home, worked on my lesson. Sunday was church, Sr. High, and home. Evening service then bouncing around town for a bit. And today was more working from home.

So that's what's up. Planned for this week: a return to fairly regular posting, a double portion of link-o-rama on Thursday to make up for last week's absence, and updates to the sidebar, if it kills me. Plus continued searching for the first staffing, and other various company work. An appointment with the orthopedic, if I get around to making it, meeting a few folk for lunches/dinners, and re-working the finances (401Ks, etc). Oh and cleaning up the 162 email accounts, which is a job and a half in itself. And I'm off to Philly for half the weekend to see Brec in an unmarried state one last time.

Haven't reviewed readership in a while, but last time I looked, we lost a couple regular readers, and gained a few new ones. Thanks to those who have thought this page worth a second look, and please feel free to leave a remark and let me know what would keep you coming back - I appreciate the feedback.

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Anonymous said...

You want to know what will keep your readers coming back huh? I would personally like a few top ten lists comprised by you. I think the first one should be David's Top Ten Turnoffs. Just a suggestion...