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A rainy Saturday morning. Why clean up and do some laundry when I could finally catch up on some much overdue blogging? Ok, real quick - George will be here in 45 mins and we're going to go catch a movie and then off to a bike shop in North Bergen somewhere. Hopefully a stop at Whole Foods for lunchy. Then its back here to write up tomorrow's Sr. High lesson and get all the cleaning done. Which probably means a few hours of SOF2.

Yesterday was April Fools (check out the Top 100 April Fools Hoaxes of all time). It was also ESPN.com's 10th birthday and Gmail's first birthday. I was suspicious of anything yesterday, but Google's birthday gift to us still seems to be legit - and the ticker continues to run on the MB of storage they're now offering each user. I think its somewhere in the low 2000 range now. If you haven't noticed, check out Gmail's login page (link above) and read up on it. They've also updated the beta version with some much-needed add-ons, namely text formatting in the message composition field.

So I guess this is kinda turning into an illegitimate Thursday links post, huh?

Site design of the week award goes to this architecture firm. Also, this is kinda weird, as far as advertising agencies go. Saw an interesting bill-board during the commute in NJ this week, so I checked out the site. They're trying to get you to cheat on your advertising agency, I guess.

Stationary is bad. I in no way endorse this product. I didn't even really look at it. But they have some funny ads. No, I'm far to lazy to find them and actually link to them.

Wordnews is interesting. I think I saw a picture montage thingy that may have worked along the same lines once. I may even have linked to it before. But I'm still far too lazy to look for that.

The Google link of the week is weird and scary. Be careful what you click on. Seriously.

Your high-brow astro-physics link of the week is, well, interesting. Its the 100th anniversary of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and what better time to call it into serious questioning. Read the whole thing, or click on one of the audio links to hear it broadcast. I almost thought this might not be legit, but then I double checked the parent website address. Looks real to me.

How to argue.

Cool ad of the week.

Also I introduced a friend to the Wasabi ad this week, which can be found, with its friends, here.

Lastly, try and get your brain around this one. (thanks to Brec's brother)

...OK so its 8:30 and I've got the lessons written. Actually I'm combining 2 into one. We're finishing up Healthy Friendships - looking at them in the context of "being a friend of influence" and using the metaphor of the Lord's Table:

Coming to the altar - repentance and honesty between friends
Passing the peace - welcoming everyone to the congregation in hospitality
The cup and the bread - the hope we share with each other in Christ's death and resurrection
Going forth - dreaming together to change the world for Christ

I need to go out into the night and forage for food. Particularly massive burritos. I like walking on rainy nights. I may try to stay awake for SNL. Probably not. We'll see.

Tomorrow is church, Sr. High group, then back to the 'boken. I'm going to try to catch the evening service here and see all the folk I've been missing. Then there's a Mexican-themed birthday party for a friend from the Hoboken church. I volunteered to be the pinata but I'm not sure what a pinata is or what that involves.

Monday begins week 2 of the Accenture experience. Training went well this past week. Kept me really busy - they throw a lot of assimilation material at you all day long for 5 days, and you go home to fill out forms on benefits, 401Ks, internal resumes, etc., not to mention searching for a good first posting to apply for. The training was in Florham Park, NJ, which was a nice area with no decent places to eat anywhere within a day's drive. A few of the guys in the program were also from the 'boken, so I commuted with them on occasion. So...yeah. Monday I am officially chargeable as a Consultant, which means I am "unstaffed" - workable but not on a project. Not somewhere I want to stay for long. I'll be working out of the house all week, which should be interesting. After that, the traveling begins, in all likelihood.

Still haven't gotten the Whistler pictures online yet. Sorry. Here's another one for you in the meantime - Kuz-man and Plo gettin off the lift. I like this one because you can see the snow falling.

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