OK so work is crazy and tomorrow night I enter a period of roughly 30 hours that will be spent either on a plane or in an airport. Which I am not looking forward to. But I have done detailed research on LHR and come to the tentative conclusion that I can get a shower there w/o needing to drop dime on the red carpet club. So that's something. I'm pretty much packed and am taking home a bag of stuff to get a head-start on the moving-back-to-the-US, and at the same time I'm still not entirely sure that's the plan - just today I talked with another SE in the practice here who told me they're way oversold and could desperately use me...so...who knows.

I'll try to throw a post about something up tomorrow, maybe a story time for the road. After that, don't expect a blog before Friday, if at all, I suppose. I'm in NorCal for the start of the weekend and have a week in LA after that, and I gonna be bizy.

In the meantime, here's some stuff I've been writing, elsewhere.

My flame-out over at Fab Females. Suffice to say I'm taking a break.

A comment I just kind of cranked out on poverty here in Africa. Remember that story about the dogs on the roof of Macy's from a couple months back? How it got side-barred? Well, this one did too, and it sparked a good deal of conversation, which was pretty cool. I've had a lot of good email convos stemming from it as well, and its kind of got me pumped up to really capture my upcoming Uganda trip in true amateur journalistic style.

Some other stuff from Metafilter writings of mine:

A bit about what being a Christian is about. Wrote this one a few days after the poverty comment, and it also got over 200 favorites, and started a whole bunch of emails, which was also cool. And encouraging. I've wanted to share my point of view on faith with the (largely atheist/agnostic) MeFi community for a while, and this is about as close as I've ever come to doing it half-well. Sadly, it had to be on a deleted thread, but I'm pretty sure that's the most favorites any comment on a deleted thread ever got.

Reading for the exact center.

Things we squished on the train tracks growing up.

My requiem for a fashion industry. I wrote this one back during fashion week. Words can not express how glad I was to not be in NYC during fashion week. I do not miss that life.

The eventual destruction of private life.

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Anonymous said...

FYI after reading the comments about poverty and shoes to Africa. The coach of the Indiana University/Purdue University Indianpolis Basketball team is collecting shoes for Africa. He has received thousands of donations and hopes to have the coaches of the March Madness teams help with the effort. Perhaps interested people can google him/the team for further info.