OK so I'm in LA. For a bit.

I got my shower in LHR. Turned out to be a lot easier than I thought - premier exec status on United gets you lounge acess when flying international. Go me.

Flights were still long but Peter was waiting for me in SFO in his uniform, which was kinda cool, cause I was on the phone fighting with Sprint to get my super-discounted plan re-set-up, and he took my luggage cart, which made me look like someone super-important, with a military-looking escort to push my crap around.

Hung out with Peter that afternoon / evening, we got drinks with his boss, John the Harbormastor, which is always fun. Then Friday morning I took the train up to Sac, and worked from there. Mom made meatloaf that night because she loves me.

Saturday we drove off to Yuba City to see Joey's lacrosse game. I was surprised to see that he was the biggest kid on his team. I guess it makes sense cause he's huge, but still. He's fairly new to the game but he's already pretty decent. I sat on the bench for a bit as older-brother-who-knows-a-few-tricks-to-the-game. One of his teammates was an about 4'11" kid who got trampled in one play and then came out of the game (all pissed off) for trying to start a fight in response to the trampling. I explained to him how to casually walk next to the opponent, push his elbow from his side, and deposit the butt of his staff into the kidney of said trampler. Etc.
Joey enjoyed that, but he's too nice to ever do it himself. I'm not sure anyone on the opposing team would be brave enough to piss him off anyhow. Not that they could.

Anyway, they had a local dad as the only ref, which was complete BS, so the game was totally slanted. The home team would have won anyway, but he seemed hell-bent on giving them all the help he could. I have a nasty word for people like that which I will not use.

Lunch with the fam and grandparents, who also came down for the game, then tacos at home for dinner. Mom loves me.

Interesting evening which culminated with me shaving my beard to a very short length while I was not really in my right mind at about 5 in the morning before Joey and I shot off to the airport.

Then I was in LA. Afternoon/evening prep meetings for our presentations which began this morning, with WV's Exec Board Advisory Group. Re: presentations: I always freak out a very little bit right before go-time, but then I end up kicking arse. Anyway it was cool to see the work I've done in stark relief, and have people actually appreciate it.


Hertz hooked me up with a 350Z.

You probably don't know what that is, but it deserves its own blog post in and of itself. Suffice to say that if this car does not send me to jail before I leave on Saturday, self control is a fruit of the spirit that I have in spades.

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I am the mother of a son about your age, and of course we always want to cook whatever you love to eat best. It warms my heart to hear how much you appreciate it. A young man who treats his mother well and appreciates her is a good young man.