Gaze upon its beauty, and fall before it in your terror.

I have acted foolishly this week, and disregarded the apostle's wisdom and guidance to flee temptation. Nay, I have sat down in the midst of temptation, time and again, and stomped upon her gas pedal of power, pushing dangerously close to and perhaps slightly exceeding the speed limitations of the various counties of the greater Los Angeles area that I have traversed these last few days.

I'm pretty sure I've avoided breaking the tenth commandment, because this is Hertz's car, and since technically I'm paying them to rent it, if I envy it, its kind of like coveting something I actually own myself, which really isn't coveting at all. Right?

I'm not sure I can say the same for the deadly sin of lust, however. To look at this car is to lust for speed.

This car. Just...wow. On the drive back to the hotel each night I have a very real and very serious struggle with the idea of just driving past my exit on the 10 East, and taking it to the 15, and seeing Vegas for the evening. But there is work to be done the next morning. Except for Friday, which is a South African holiday, which means I get the day off, which means that Thursday night...

The grinch had a wonderful, awful idea!

So anyway yeah...I've never driven such a small car with so much horsepower. I've been thinking for a while now that I want my next car to be a project car - a late-60's mustang I can re-work. But now...now I just want pure unadulterated Japanese speed.

In black, please.


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