We are syndicated

That just sounds freakin cool. At least I think we're syndicated. There's an atom site feed and an xml site feed near the bottom of the sidebar. Let me know if your poison of choice doesn't seem to work. Blogger only lets me do an actual site feed thru atom, but I found a site that should theoretically syndicate me in xml AND rss. I will now commence speaking only in acronymns.

UPDATE: Apparently there may be some "issues" viewing the feedburner feed thru at least one kind of RSS viewer. Be advised that my tech dept. is hard at work on the problem.

UPDATE UPDATE: If you use firefox as opposed to IE, and you use the RSS ViewPanel version 1.7, you're gonna have a problem viewing my blog or for that matter any other atom feed that reads like mine. Everyone else (ie. the majority of the free world, that does use IE, and any other kind of viewer) should be fine. Also, my tech department (read: Dick at feedburner.com) rules. I say this with much suspicion.

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