ok, so now, plans...

Well we're all contradictory little creatures at the end of the day, aren't we though? Here's the deal, I've gotten this thing up and running to a state that I think it may be presentable in, so I'm actually going to (shudder) start telling people about it now. So that they can (shudder) see it!

And since there will now be people seeing this thing, I suppose I should tell you what to watch for. I write this almost as a laundry list for myself...when I get home and find some time, perhaps Friday afternoon (God bless early Fridays in the summer time), that is. To come:

- Pictures! Yay. Hopefully even one of me, for ye olde profile.

- More Links to cool stuff. (Timecube will save us all. Stupid humans.)

- A "What I'm reading" / "What's on the stereo" section, also with links. (side note: most bloggers will link you to a book they are reading via Amazon. I try to use Cabobble whenever possible b/c it is a veteran-owned bookseller that uses proceeds to benefit homeless veterans - also they have a pretty cool mission) Hopefully I'll figure out how to make these into photo links! Oooooh.

- A new template. I'm tired of this one already. Kidding. Just need one a bit more unique. Minimalist motif, maybe.

- More posts. Yeeeesssss, my precious...

In the meantime, the weather here in the city is spandastic and I'm stuck inside. Oh, to be golfing. Also, the liquid stitches on my chin are working out nicely, so I'm healing up right fine. Perhaps I'll write more about the traumatic hubcap incident later. Nathan's motives: malicious or simple survival tactics?

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