Back safe in ZA. Long flight, through Dakar again, which I loath. But I was next to two smallish and very devout Jewish girls (they got kosher meals and would stand right in their seats to do their morning and evening prayers) so it wasn't nearly as bad as the monsters I had to sit next to flying to the states. Anyway, they were nice and said they'd like advanced copies of my books on Africa when they start coming out.

Got to watch 3:10 to Yuma and 75% of Into the Wild, so that was nice.

My Hertz super-elite double-extra-platinum brilliant-shining-diamond premier-top-executive president's circle status got me an upgrade from the economy car I reserved to a freakin beamer - not a small one either, roughly the equivalent of a 520 in the states, I think. Haven't bothered to check yet, but it smells of leather and is fun to drive.

And I started my new running program this morning, and it was painful. Aclimating.

That is all. More soon.

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