Links, yo. Links.

This Google goodness is a little older, but still interesting.

I can't wait to be one of the last living humans with nobody left to say "I told you so" to. (No, seriously.)

Still a few good summer mini courses left to check out via my church. Nice job, Justin.

South Africa time: lotsa safaris to plan, not to mention the shark diving. Also, South African culture (thanks Ang). Also I've been spending time researching my vaccinations and visas. Also, not SA specific, but I'm hoping I might be able to see Zimbabwe while I'm over there. So far its a strong chance I'll see at least Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, and Zambia. Also, Africa's potentially largest game park.

Saw Geni a number of months back but now it looks a little better.

Ocean's 13 writers doing Entourage for Wall Street (this should be like 10 times as good as the LA version).

My birthday is coming. I'm just saying. Please note that was 4 links, not 1.

How not to suck at socializing. Speaking of which, there's a couple places I'd like to check out before leaving the city.

Last, 33 things you didn't know had names, and some weird coincidences.

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