[21:20] FifthTigerofAsia: so tell me about the trip details

[21:20] davechkjr: this thurs night (hopefully) i get back to NYC from Chicago. Friday / Saturday are packing / moving into storage / going away party.

[21:21] davechkjr: Monday morning I leave for my last week in Chicago, then I fly home to Cali.

[21:21] davechkjr: Spend a week or so there, then on 8/19 i get on a plane for Johannesburg

[21:21] davechkjr: where I will be til April

[21:21] davechkjr: maybe a trip back for Christmas / New Years

[21:21] davechkjr: i just need to copy/paste that to my blog so people know what's up

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Dawn said...

Wow, it looks like I've missed you. Have fun in South Africa--it sounds like a good change.

And a few thoughts on robots from your other post:

- My boyfriend is an AI researcher at Northwestern and one of the most paranoid people you'll find. In spite of those two things, he's not at all concerned about super-intelligent robots taking over--AI is actually moving away from trying to create human-like consciousness because the researchers have essentially decided it's not possible. They confine themselves instead to training AI to reach specific goals. Thus "intelligence" is defined as "reaches its goal," which could be as simple as a rock having a goal of staying put--if it stays solidly in one place, it's intelligent by the current preferred definition.

- Deep Blue actually didn't win on the strength of "intelligence" alone--it was actually programmed by an entire team of people including other grand masters who studied specifically Kasparov's playing and taught the AI how to counter those moves.