Juuuuuuust cruising in under the deadline that would have been a month sans writing anything at all.


Anyway, gotta new approach. Gotta have one. Its like this: something's better than nothing. So here's a preview of the new format:

- ADP wants me for a World Vision project, based on South Africa, starting in August. Its very surreal at the moment. Have to get the current project to let me go, first, but that's like the last thing before packing up all my stuff on the week of 4th of July, and then I'm gone, til some time next year. So...yeah.

- Had another really great day just enjoying the West Village. Beautiful weather for it, went to Nicole's church and then brunched after. I really, really want to move to that nabe when (if?) I come back from South Africa (if means if I go, not if I'll come back or not. I'm coming back. At least for a while.).

- I haven't even tried to write anything of mildly theological substance lately, but I'm ok with that. I've been learning a LOT this past year or so and I feel like an athlete coming back from a season off for injury or something. Not to say I'll get back on that soon, but I at least hope to.

- Camera broke on the last trip to Young Life camp. Gotta get a new one quick. Need to throw some pix up, too.

- Youth group is winding down for the summer break again. 5 years - in a beautiful heartbeat. Wow. Speaking of which, we're headed to New Orleans this summer for another rebuilding trip. Appreciate your support...more to come on that.

- Still stuck in Chicago every week in the meantime (that pretty much covers the rest).

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