Blogging, as it was intended from before the concept of time even existed, from my rooftop deck, beneath the illumination and noise of the GLBT parade. I will leave it to your internet search techniques to discover the origin of said acronymn, but to my memory the acronym is correct and these fireworks are rainbowically correct as well.

I like this day of the year simply because they feature (usually) the best fireworks display from our particular city view. I suppose, should I move at some point to the West Village, I should have a similarly wonderful point of view, however subjected it may be to the exuberant festivities I in no way doubt are taking place in said neighborhood at this moment.

The fireworks show was exceedingly short this year. This is surprising. There was nothing even nearing a grand finale. Interesting.

...how about some links?

I want.

I am.(Sometimes.)

I agree with...

I need a career in...

I want. (do that a lot lately, eh?)

I want to go to... (and I might mention all my so-called-friends have alreay gone without me...)

I enjoyed.


thesciencegirl said...

Where was that picture taken?

CawfeeGuy said...

the west village is overated in terms of living. if you're happy in NJ, then stay there. there's no point in pawning an organ just for a broom closet with a bed.

Dawn said...

The incense holder is awesome.

David said...

Picture is from the west village.