Well its not that I haven't been writing... so much as I haven't been writing here.

Work. Life. Youth Group trips to Young Life camp. Work. Travel. Life.

None of it is a sufficient excuse to free me from the bond of writing I at one point sought to place upon myself. Now, its just work and travel and life...friggin life. Life keeps getting in the way of my attempts to make something of it. And lately life is work and details and vodka and swimming and youth group and reading and whatever.

Its all keeping me from the GRE's and going back to school and throwing caution to the wind and actually submitting another article or two to a big magazine or the Times or whatever. It makes me mad and yet I'm indifferent enough that the anger is only temporary to the moment. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and only my 6 am call is going to matter, and then my 7:30. The fact that I have calls at these hours speaks to my commitment to change things, or rather, my lack thereof.

So there you have it, some blogging. I stayed up for this.

I never should have gone to college. I should have stuck with skiing, maybe made something of myself with it, maybe had a few knee surgeries...

but at least, with the failure, I would have known that I gave it a shot.

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